Friday, 26 August 2011

THE STADE.......10 slides 10 minutes as part of Coastal Currents Festival

Hello everyone
Just to let you know i will be at the Stade Hall on Wednesday 3rd August 6pm talking about my work. I'm only on for 10 mins to don't miss me! Check out the Coastal currents brochure and blog for more details.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Women of the Year

How exciting....i just received a letter from Women of The Year saying I have been selected as a Woman of achievement and I have a special invitation to their lunch in October. Women of the Year raise alot of money for charitable initiatives that change women's lives and acknowledge the massive contribution that women are making to our planet! Of course I don't expect any award but I will hopefully have the opportunity to meet many amazing women and put some of my artwork in a goody bag, so a great networking and promotional opportunity! Watch this space for more updates and check out Women of The Year website!